project 52 week 18 | quiet place.

Bright Angel Campground, Grand Canyon, Arizona.  noise pollution: 0%

no motorized vehicles, no sprawling shopping centers, no restaurants, no bawling babies, no electronic devices, no buzz signaling the end of the wash/dry cycle, no ding you've got mail! or dong proclaiming yet another salesman at the door.  just the sound of the occasional breeze as it whispers through the vegetation and the rushing of the Colorado River as it flows by.

there may have been some occasional raucous laughter echoing off the canyon walls, too, as the six of us hee-hawed all weekend long.  but that's the kind of noise I like to hear.  ahhh.  sweet music to my ears.  if only I could park my rear end in that patch of sand and stay there forever, life would be great.

I suppose I would eventually miss the kids, though.  and the shopping.  and the out-to-eating.  and the sound of the UPS man pulling in the driveway.  and... and... and...

well, you best check out what Keilah has up her sleeve this week before I get myself into any more trouble!

have a great weekend!


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Keilah said...

Absolutely beautiful! I sure would miss your photography if you quit blogging.