look who's free years-old!

well, ahem.  technically Scarlett turned three a week ago already, but who's keeping track?

I'm not.  are you?

yeah, I thought so.  I figured you had better things to do than keep track of my lackadaisical posting habits lately.  I mean, seriously.  if it wasn't for the weekly photography project I'm participating in, I probably wouldn't be blogging at all.

actually, that sounds kinda nice.  to not have this whole blogging thing constantly looming in the back of my mind, nagging at me like I nag at Gary to do chores around the house.  "Jessica, you really should write something to let people know what's up!"  or "Jessica, you really should get those pictures edited and posted from your Grand Canyon trip, it has been a month already, you know."  it's almost like I'm back in school and it's a beautiful Sunday afternoon and all my friends are heading to the park for a BBQ.  but darn it!  there's a quiz on Monday and I haven't even started studying for it.  what to do?  what to do?  in a moment of weakness, I decide to go out with my friends-- because a person deserves a break every now and then, right?-- but the whole time I'm feeling guilty that I should be studying and I couldn't truly relax and enjoy myself anyway.  oh, how I hated that feeling of homework always in the back of my mind.  there was nothing worse!

although, I wasn't responsible for ten kids back then.  hmmm.  maybe it wasn't so bad after all?

I don't know.  maybe the time has come for me to retire from blogging.  close up Room For Nine's doors and call it a day.  or do I just keep posting when I can, even if it's only once a week and just quit losing sleep over it?

so, now I'm assigning you guys homework.  what do you think I should do?  answers are due on Monday by 9 a.m. sharp, or else! 

so, anyway.  Scarlett is now, according to her, "free years-old."  free at last!

cuteness overload!

when I asked Scarlett what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday, she told me, "I want a butt cake!"  I was like, you want a what?  and then she ran to the cupboard and pulled out the bundt cake pan.  "this kind, mommy!"  butt, bundt, close enough, right?  LOL!  she's too much!  apparently, she's learned something from the zillions of questions she asks me while I'm baking.  we just have to work on the pronunciation a bit more.  hehe.



Anonymous said...

butt cake!!! HAHA. She is soo cute!

Also, I say to keep blogging, and don't worry about how much you do, but just when you do to link to your FB, because I will see it most likely then! Love your photos and stories
-Brianna B

Lynette said...

I say to put a post here and there when it works out. No stressing though! Hoping you don't shut down the door, but if you do...I would completely understand. I do enjoy keeping up on you life a bit:)

Anonymous said...

keep blogging
it's like reading a fine book

Yvonne Johnson said...

Blogging shouldn't be stressful, it should be fun.Your stories are great to read-your pictures are beautiful! Blog when you feel the need. Please don't stop, you are such a descriptive and funny writer!

Anonymous said...

My homework is late, I'm sorry, it's already Tuesday. But the dog ate it! or something...

Anyway, I have enjoyed reading your blog so very much. You have kept at it much longer than many many other people. You have captured fabulous moments and recorded them forever. Blogging is special for that reason.

BUT... it cant loom over you forever! There has to be a due date, a time when you feel that you have done enough, your assignment is complete! Otherwise it might be crazy-making!

Give yourself the freedom to know that you have created a beautiful, perfect product. Know that you have put your heart into it and it will always exist because of the time you devoted. Maybe shift to 'upkeep' instead of production?

Most of all, only do what brings you joy with your blog. I hate the idea that it has become stressful for you, YOU, who need nothing less than you need additional STRESSORS!

Thank you for your words, if no one has thanked you yet today.

Anonymous said...

oops, that's from me


Anonymous said...