oh joy.

make that double joy.  oh joy to the world.  conferences are this week and I'm sooo excited.  ugh.  but I would feel guilty if I didn't go, and the teachers might wonder what type of parent I am.  because I think I skipped them last time.  even myra asked me if I cared about her education. (talk about a travel agent for guilt trips- geez)  it's just that when I have five of them to go to, it definitely makes life a little more hectic.  

and can you say boring?  try sitting through all of those listening to the teachers drone on and on.  blah blah blah.  yak yak yak.  (I pretty much know how the kids are doing in school, anyway.)  and soon I find myself not really paying attention and noticing other things.  like that coffee stain in a certain spot on her blouse and that long stray whisker on her chin that desperately needs to be plucked.  or the piece of pepper between her teeth that announces itself every time she smiles.  urk.

and then there's always this: the teacher will say, "oh Sawyer is such a polite little man.  he's certainly a joy to have in my class."  uh, are we talking about the same kid here?  if so, maybe you need to take over being his mother. 

and of course at the end they hand me a stack of each of the kids' work, followed by "you're sure doing a great job" and "it's certainly amazing you can keep it up with all the kids you have."  sweet, do i get an A+ and a "terrific job" sticker?  and now what do I do with all of these papers?  

*sigh*  just give me some orange shoes and I'll be happy!


right, Rowan?  or maybe not. 

(eek, this kid is in serious need of a haircut. looks like someone else thought the same thing. *note the chop out of the bangs.)  *double sigh*

-have a wonky wednesday!


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