I love etsy.

have you ever took a moment to browse on etsy?  there are so many talented individuals selling their yummy handmade wares, including two of my good friends, who run a "store" on etsy called able mabel.  they sell a variety of items, ranging from baby blankets to decorated light switch covers to aprons. go.check.them.out.  you'll be amazed.  

come to think of it, you might need more than a moment.  maybe a whole day.  

well, it was at this store that I discovered these gorgeous knitted cocoons. perfect for a photo op.

and being the littles were gone for the day and it was just Scarlett and I hanging out, I decided to try my luck at a photo shoot.  here she is at 4 days old:

IMG_2770 copy

IMG_2751 copy

IMG_2781 copy  IMG_2727 copy 

IMG_2778 copy

pure sweetness.

have a great weekend!


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