what's for dinner?

enter macaroni and cheese. 

when every other cupboard is bare, we can always count on a stockpile of this in the pantry.  probably that HUGE package we bought from Sam's Club a while back.  guaranteed lifetime supply.  we even had the spiral noodle variety. (is that considered being a mac and cheese snob?) take a gander:Mac copy copysee?  it doesn't look so bad with some cracked pepper on top.  TRUST me, I ate a bowlful.

Macandcheeseand the kids LOVE it!  

Macaronimmm...good to the last drop.  more macaroni and cheese, PLEASE!  and now my pitch for Kraft has quickly come to an end.  

I know...corny, huh?  would anyone care for the recipe?  no?

needless to say, dinners have been rather bleak around here this week.  not that they were anything extravagant before.  but mac and cheese?  urk.  

Kristi is bringing dinner tonight and I'm uber excited.  and Ruth said she would bring something next week.  can't wait!  in the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions for meal ideas that are a). tasty b). take 20 minutes or less to make and c). that can feed a family of 11 for under $10?  (just kidding about option c.) 



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