in dreamland.

as the impending delivery day draws nearer, I can barely contain my excitement for the arrival of this little cherub.  

hello in there...did you hear me?  I said it's time to come out and meet the rest of your family.  what?  that sounds too frightening, you say?  hmph.   

how about this, then: aren't you feeling a little cooped up in there?  no?  you prefer when the noise is more muffled.  oh, I see.    

well, I'm quite ready.  at this point, I'd rather take on the sleepless nights, the 54 diaper changes a day (give or take a few) and the dropeverythingcomefeedmenow wail over the waddling around, the peeing every 10 minutes, and the feeling of my insides being terribly mistaken as a punching bag.  ow.

little does this baby know, is that it will soon enter into this world surrounded by the paparazzi.  or at least by one in particular, I should say.  my camera will be smoking from all the shots.  and I've already picked up a couple of newborn photo props, like this super sweet diaper cover and elf hat:


now here's a great idea for you knitters out there!  and check out these sweet cocoons.  BLISS:



and chunky knit hats.  GAAA:


I've heard and read that newborns can be somewhat challenging to photograph. getting the lighting right so their skin doesn't look all icky, the squirminess, the funny faces, the sudden blast in the diaper, which means they're probably hungry again and need to be fed, followed by burping and more pooping.  calls for a ton of patience, I'd say.  

but I've been dreaming of this photo op!  I'm up for the challenge and have lots of ideas.  so, come on out, little one...and don't be camera shy!

have a great weekend!


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