recipe for fun.

because it was such a beautiful day yesterday, I couldn't bear the thought of staring at my four walls, contemplating what to brew up for dinner.  actually, the hubby and I had already agreed to throw some nice, juicy pork chops and cheesy potatoes on the grill, which sounded a whole lot easier anyway.

so, I packed up the littles and headed to the park via McDonald's.  yum.  well, the salad tasted pretty good, anyway.


  IMG_2306 IMG_2355 

 IMG_2360 IMG_2356 


 IMG_2359 IMG_2386  


they had a blast and burned off some energy.  while I blissfully soaked up some much needed sunshine.

ahhh...the return of park days.  gotta love it!

PS.  don't forget the dreaded taxes are due today...



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