on autopilot.

and so, life resumes.  

the kids continue to need parental assistance.  they still need to be fed, the little ones bathed and changed and the older ones reminded to do jobs and homework.  

the clothes still need to be washed, the dishes cleaned and the table cleared and wiped.

I try to recuperate and bark orders from my command post, but am soon met with crossed eyes and blank stares.

recovery, schmovery. 


on a brighter note, Scarlett did amazingly well her first night home.  she settled down around 10:00 and I had to wake her up at 4:00 to eat.  of course I couldn't relax and spent a restless night bounding awake every hour, waiting for the "feed me" squawk that never came.  by the time morning rolled around, it felt like I had been up all night anyway.  sigh.  just can't win.  hopefully she continues this trend.

the kids have been loving her up.  she gets jostled passed from arm to arm to arm.  Rowan didn't know what to think about the whole situation and spent a good 5 minutes just staring quizzically at this tiny "creature".  he has since mostly ignored her.  note to self: take pictures of kids with Scarlett.

the younger ones have tons of questions regarding Scarlett.  these range from the typical how did she come out?  to  what is she eating under there?  

Ella (5) keeps forgetting Scarlett's name.  "can I hold....?"  oh!  I just can't remember her name", she says.  of course, Gary doesn't make it any easier for Ella by referring to Scarlett as "bracelet", "starlight", and all sorts of other odd names.  eventually it will click.   

Phoebe (3) injured her knee on the tramp monday evening and refuses to walk. being the social tail light that she is, she insists on being carried to wherever the action is.  heaven forbid she be left in isolation.  will have to bring her in if it doesn't seem to be better today. 

the packing continues in preparation for the upcoming move on May 8th.  the house is looking rather bare.  Gary was home yesterday, so he disassembled all the kids' beds.  they will have to sleep on their mattresses on the floor. 

I am, once again, thankful for my husband and his willingness to take over being "mr. mom".  although it looks like he's aged 10 years in the past 2 days.  the poor sap.  I forgot to warn him motherhood can do that sometimes.  may have to introduce him to cold cream.          

such is the life of a big family.  never a dull moment, that's for sure.


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