crime scene investigation: part III.

wednesday.  may 5th.  6:00 p.m.

we had just finished eating dinner.  it was a lovely evening and the kids had gone outside to play.  I was in the middle of loading the dishwasher when I was summoned outside to check out some sidewalk chalk art:

it was indeed a work of art.

I stayed outside for a time, soaking up the warm evening sun, listening to the chatter of kids, my thoughts drifting away in the gentle breeze,

d r i f t i n g  a w a y...

waaaaaaa!  I was drawn out of my reverie by the sound of loud wailing coming from inside.  I better go check it out.   besides, I still had to finish cleaning up the dinner mess.  

I make my way into the kitchen, round the corner into the dining room and stop dead in my tracks.

scene of the crime:

apparently, someone had been craving a glass of milk.  and by the looks of it, this someone had failed to stop pouring when the milk reached the top of the glass.  I glanced around.  the dining room was deserted.  I bent down to take a closer look at the evidence and that's when I noticed it.  scrawled in the milk was this simple message: "don't cry over spilled milk".  then who did I just hear crying?  or was that me?   

after surveying the damage, I declared a national emergency.  we had lost a third of a gallon of milk.  and clean-up could take several hours.  it was time to call in the troops.

I ran down the line, starting with the oldest: 

Hannah?  wasn't me.

Jake?  not me, either.

Chloe?  I would never do such a thing.

Myra?  nope.  I was outside.

Sawyer?  Dad pours my milk.

Ella?  vigorously shakes head no.

Phoebe?  I didn't do this. (said with arms crossed.)

the kids point out that it's a sippy cup.  none of us use that kind
of cup.
  hmmm...this is true. 

last but not least: 

Rowan?  I quickly glance around and don't see him anywhere.  where's Rowan?  Roooowaaan? 


aha!  busted.  I'm thinking the milk mustache is a dead giveaway.  how about you?



PS. be sure and stick around...you just never know when another "crime scene investigation" may air.

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