my two oldest.

we went downtown last saturday.  not for anything specific, but more or less just to wander around and enjoy the beautiful afternoon.  Keith and Kim were sweet enough to take Ella, Phoebe and Rowan for the day.  they were in Flagstaff for the weekend staying at the cabin .   

that left aunt Debbie, myself, Hannah, Jake and Scarlett. (Gary and the three middle kids were gone to camp.)  and I figured Debbie was in dire need of a break from the kitchen.  so, off we went.


I've always enjoyed going downtown.  don't think towering skyscrapers, fancy restaurants and sprawling shopping centers, but rather old brick buildings, a few quaint little shops and cozy diners. 

located on historic Route 66, downtown Flagstaff definitely has that certain history-filled charm about it.  (I admit I really don't know the history behind this town, even though it may have sounded like I was about to launch off into a detailed account of it.)  all I know is that it's a neat place to shop and hang out, okay?  so sue me.

we stopped at a few shops.  Hannah found a cool pair of blue shoes, which she purchased with her own babysitting money. (now there's a girl after her own mother's heart.  I LOVE shoes.)  and Jake, well, he wasn't much into the whole shopping thing.  I think I heard him say I'm bored, can we leave? approximately 57.3 times.

we decided to eat lunch at Big Foot BBQ, located down in the basement.  I bet you can't say you have one of those in your town.  see?  I knew Flag was special for some reason.  Jake even perked up at the mention of food.  so all was well...

until I pulled out the camera.


posing with your mother while she has her arm around your shoulder is definitely not cool when you're a twelve year old boy young man.  even though it cost me a tall caramel frap from Starbuck's, it was still worth it.  for it's pretty rare that I'm out and about with just the two oldest.  usually one of them is left home babysitting.  it was an occasion that deserved to be documented.


he managed a half smile anyway. 

it was truly a historic moment.  in historic downtown Flagstaff.                

parting note:  when Hannah turned 13, she made this comment.  "mom, you're actually only like 20 years older than me.  that means when I'm 60, you'll be 80.  we can do old folk things together."

isn't she sweet?  although I'm not sure I want to know what she meant by "old folk things".  guess we'll have to wait and see.


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