(downtown) photo friday.

I shot Hannah and Jake downtown.  whoa.  now that's awkward phrasing.  no, I didn't literally shoot them.  maybe I should say I photographed them, but that sounds rather snooty and uptight.  doesn't it?

I wonder how photogs go about that.  I can imagine the horrific looks they might get if they tell someone they're going to go shoot a senior.  "what?  you're just going to go shoot an elderly person?  how could you?"  hmmm...I'll have to check into that if I ever get started in this photography business.

enjoy these pictures of Hannah and Jake.  let me know if you want me to shoot your senior.  ha.



I really like this one below.  tried out a fun editing technique.


 IMG_3180 copy



it was like pulling teeth to get him to cooperate.  deep down, I think he really likes it, though.  and he desperately needs a haircut.  I just haven't found time to do it.  time, where are you?

IMG_3189 copy 

you don't want to know how many caramel frappuccinos this picture cost me.  think lifetime supply. 

I can't believe it's already friday!  time, where did you go again?  maybe one of these days I'll find you.  I hope.


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