a fresh start.

I finally got around to changing my blog banner. (look up.) I felt this compelling need to ditch my pregnant self.  so instead, I'm now toothpick thin, sporting a huge grin and a flirty skirt.  go me :)   it does feel much better.  mentally, anyway.  let's just not mention the "physically" part, yet.  that's another whole topic.  

thus far, Scarlett has been a gem.  she has taken to the pacifier and bottle quite nicely.  because of this, I was able to escape and run a few errands on saturday. all.by.myself.  no tots to tote or pregnant belly to heave around.  I felt a certain sense of freedom...that was until I pulled back into the driveway and three grubby cherubs ran to greet me as I hopped out of the van.  we missed you so much, mom  what did you buy us?  sigh.  back to reality.

it seems the postpartum fog has (for the most part) lifted.  I've gotten back into somewhat of a routine again.  also, everyone has (for the most part) adjusted to the new house.  we had to explain the term "boundaries" to the kids because they figured our backyard and the neighbor's was one big free for all. (the yards aren't fenced.) now that those ground rules have been established, things have been going a lot smoother.  I also had to get used to closing the shades at night to avoid being a "fishbowl" and perhaps someone's evening entertainment. cancel the cable, ma.  let's watch those crazy neighbors!  yikes.

I can't believe another school year is rapidly coming to an end.  I try not to think about it too much because it gives me anxiety. (any tips or tricks on how to survive summer vacation would be greatly appreciated.  thanks.)  I definitely won't miss the daily 3:30 run to pick up the kids from school, though.  that will be nice.   

on sunday, we packed up the troops and headed to Sedona.  here is a sneak peek:

more pictures to follow.

sunday evening, Gary spent finishing up Hannah's science project that was due today.  never mind the fact it was assigned two weeks ago and she just started it on saturday.  typical.  she had to design a solar greenhouse and here is the completed project:


a light had to be wired in.  good thing for dads who are electrical engineers. 


note the solar panel on the roof.  I hope they get an A.

here's to a fresh new week!


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