one month.

I can't believe Scarlett is one month old today.  time sure goes by faster on this side of the fence.  still no "real" smiles yet, so we continue to wait anxiously for that milestone.  she's still sporting some nice chicken legs, but I guess she'll fatten up soon enough.  not that any of my babies have ever been rolly polly or anything.  we're just your average ordinary sort of people around here.

so to celebrate this one month mark, I have some photos to share.  these were taken in Sedona. (which, by the way, I have oodles of photos to share from our Sedona hike.  I hope you don't mind.)


that fresh spring green was absolutely stunning. 

IMG_3638 copy

Scarlett in the ferns.  a few passer-bys looked at me a little strangely as I was taking these photos.  but that was nothing unusual.  we tend to get stared at anywhere we go with nine kids.  that's just part of the package.  

IMG_3588 copy

I was obsessed with the ferns.  there were fields of them.  

IMG_3656 copy

so I just kept shooting away.  and pretty soon, dolly became intrigued with the ferns as well. 

IMG_3658 copy

isn't she sweet?


it was so bright and green.  literally amazing.  Scarlett thought so, too. 

IMG_3738 copy

is that a tiny smile I see?  guess she already knows what to do when she sees that big black thing pointing at her.  I can tell already, she's going to be a fast learner.

happy one month birthday, Scarlett!  we love you!


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