butt's up?


life keeps humming along around here.

Hannah is back home after a two week babysitting stint down in Phoenix.  she was responsible for overseeing my aunts two kids, ages ten and eight.  so basically she got paid to swim and play the wii all day.  pretty sweet if you ask me. 

Jake will be cat-sitting the neighbor's two cats for the next four weeks.  duties include feeding, petting, changing litter box, vacuuming up any mess around aforementioned litter box, and the best part, wiping up any random cat puke, because, according to the neighbor, sometimes the cats get into stuff they aren't supposed to.  pretty gross if you ask me.  but perfect for a twelve year old.  all for a total of $25 a week.

I've been "paying off" the kids to do those jobs that I can't find the time to do and don't really care to do, either.  for example: having the fridge cleaned top to bottom cost me $5 and having the van cleaned top to bottom was bid at $7.  I was going to say that I think I got the better end of the deal, but in case my kids happen to read this, I won't.  they might just up the ante.

we spent yesterday in Prescott.  lunch and visiting at my aunt's followed by more visiting and dinner at the Wittenberg's.  I loved every minute of it.

and one last thing...

you know all those catalogs you get in the mail?  do you ever wonder what kind of people live in them?  to read about the misadventures of Gary and Elaine in their "catalog world", click here.  it really caught my funny bone. 

have a great monday!


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