my little sunshine.

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"mom, you don't need to pour my milk anymore, I can do it all by myself," you said so confidently in your big, little voice.    

"mom, I don't want my sandwich cut in half because I'm a big girl now," you told me so matter-of-factly.

"mom! come look! I made my bed all by myself," you exclaimed so proudly.

the other day, when Scarlett was crying, you rocked her and sang "had a Mary little lamb, little lamb, little lamb.  had a Mary little lamb, whose teeth were white as snow," until she fell asleep.  and then you told me so innocently, "I'm Scarlett's favorite big sister."

when Rowan tripped outside and got an owie, you gave him a big hug and said in your best grown-up voice, "shh. don't cry. it'll be okay."

and today, after you picked up all the toys, you asked me, "mom, aren't I such a big helper?"

yes, sweetheart,  you are getting to be such a big girl

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but, to me, you'll always be my little sunshine.


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