and hiking.

on day number two, and to further aid in the colon cleansing process, we set out to hike the Colorow trail in New Castle.  with a few kids, toddlers and babies in tow, looking somewhat akin to a class on a field trip, we began the upward climb. somewhere around the half-way mark, a couple of the toddlers fizzled out, their tired, little legs refusing to take another step.  Leann and Jen stayed behind to wait with them while the rest of us trudged onward. 

heave ho!

IMG_7609  IMG_7611 

the day was warm and it didn't take long before I was sweating like a pig perspiring.  it felt great to be out getting some exercise.  plus I had Scarlett on my back, adding to the workout.  above right: Jean pauses for a short break to catch her breath and grasp onto a tree limb for dear life take in the beauty of her surroundings.  and pose for a camera-wielding fruitcake. :)


another rest stop.  Abby and Emily.


Myra places her cheek against the cold metal of a water tank that we passed along the way.  ahhh.  on the right, Chloe looks thrilled beyond belief to be on this hike.  or maybe she's simply tired of posing for her camera-wielding mother. it happens, you know.


 getting close to the top.


we did it! 


at the top over-looking New Castle.  the views were juicy!



the girls and I.  Scarlett is there somewhere, I promise.  guess she was feeling a tinge camera shy herself. ;)

afterwards, we headed to Harvey Gap to bring the kiddos swimming.  I ventured in as far as my big toe before quickly retreating from the icy water.  *shiver*  

the kids didn't seem to mind, though.  they had a blast!


PS. Chloe is 11 today!  happy birthday!

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