little Lou.

this was my attempt at photographing little Louise.  we had about 10 minutes or so before she decided it was snack time.  and there was no changing her mind about that, no matter how hard we coaxed and cajoled and rocked and bounced. no sir-ee.  I've got fat rolls to maintain, don't-cha know?

at 5 1/2 weeks old she was so alert.  already a little miss know-it-all.  and she's got her momma wrapped around her little pinky, that's for sure. :)

IMG_7551 copy 


IMG_7569 copy 
IMG_7571-3 copy copy 

IMG_7561-2 copy 

 IMG_7566 copy 

oh, isn't she just the sweetest little thing?  I'm loving all the chubbiness...

and the only time it's considered cute to have dimples on the derriere.  

well, let's just not GO there.


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