and last but not least: Rifle Falls.

if you've never been to Rifle Falls, then you haven't lived.  

okay OKAY, well maybe not exactly, but it is a lovely little tourist spot.  and the locals like to bring their visitors to the falls because as well as being cool and pretty and all that, it's very manageable with a large crowd (aka, lots of kiddos).  

the 1/2 mile trail brings you by some neat caves (that you can explore if you so choose), winds its way up over-looking the falls, provides a few scenic vistas along the way and then eventually loops back down to where you started.  quick, easy, and fun.  and I hope I'm not boring you to death.   


IMG_7654  IMG_7664 

Chloe and Myra looking rather tourist-like.


some clematis(?) we saw along the trail.  someone please correct me if I'm wrong-- I never claimed to be a horticulturist.  I mean I didn't even know what a black-eyed susan was.


a few of the girls by the caves.  and an enticing view from above the falls.


splish-splashing in the creek feels great on a hot day! 

well, that pretty much wraps up my weekend in Colorado.  we did make our way into Glenwood Springs one afternoon to go out for lunch and browse through the quaint little shops.   

and of course in between we exchanged lots of "war" stories, laughed until our guts hurt and ate until our guts hurt even more.  

I feel blessed to have such wonderful friends in this same stage of life as myself, who understand and can relate to my own personal trials in raising children without being judgmental or look at me cross-eyed.  it's comforting to know I'm not alone in this walk of faith and life.  it definitely makes for an easier road to hoe.

sadly, all good things must come to an end.  I packed up, said my good-byes and set out on the 8+ hour, caffeine induced drive home.

during the drive, I had lots of time to think and marvel at the beauty of God's creations: 

Wilson Arch, near Moab, Utah.  


wispy clouds and rock formations made for a captivating drive.


a field of black-eyed susan's in the distance.


the setting sun casting its golden rays across a field of puffballs(?).


I wanted to get to Monument Valley before the sun disappeared below the horizon.  unfortunately, the sun won.  the lighting was still pretty though, with its pinkish purplish hues.

IMG_7697 copy  

Monument Valley, near Kayenta, Arizona.


and that's all folks.

so now school starts on monday.  in some ways I'm ready (a million sighs this week alone) and in some ways, not (like who can I assign to keep tabs on Rowan?)



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