this is turning into a nightmare.

it truly is.

remember a couple weeks ago, when I was having computer issues and had accidentally deleted all my images?  yeah.  I was angrier than a hornet.   

well, since then, I have backed up my photos using the time machine app on my mac because I downright refuse to go through that misery again.     

this past weekend, Gary FINALLY had the chance to work on recovering those lost images.  they were still on the hard drive so it was just a matter of getting a handle on them to get them back.  he figured out a way to do that through some free photo rec program that he stumbled across online.

so, the program ran all day saturday recovering some 100,000 images off of the hard drive.  that's one hundred thousand, baby.  basically every.single.photo I had ever taken, deleted, edited, PLUS any image I had ever clicked on while browsing online; such as clothing images, photos from other blogs.  there was even some photos of Patrick Reusse, thanks to my hubby who still reads the sports column in the Star Tribunesweet.  I've always wanted a picture of Pat, dear.

anyway, 30 hours later, they were back.  but only for a short while.  the mac had loading problems and wouldn't boot up no matter what we tried.  so Gary had to restore the mac again.  meaning all the photos that had just been recovered, were now gone again.  meaning I was really, really cranky AGAIN.   

as I'm typing this (on the slow, dinosaur of a PC that refuses to die), the photo rec program is running again. (have I used the word "again" enough"?)  hopefully it will work this time.  I don't know why my mac is having these loading/boot up issues, but it's really annoying me.  I'm not sure what my reasoning was with buying a mac in the first place, but now I'm seriously having my doubts.  sputter, mutter, grrr. 

well, I HAD some exciting posts planned for this week.  even a recipe.  but now, unfortunately, those will have to take the backseat until I can resolve this computer crisis.  WHAT A NIGHTMARE.

so instead of blogging, I'll have to work on cleaning out my cupboards.  although that sounds like a nightmare, too.  sigh.  just can't win.  

I hope all of YOU have a great week. (drip, drip.) 


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