Fischer Point.

after yesterday's post, my kids are going to read this blog and wonder "hmmm...and she thought we were crazy?"  oh well.

just wanted to share a few pictures from our hike out to Fischer Point.  Gary was able to recover these from my memory card (which I had erased, mind you).  but, as a result of the erasing and shooting more pics, some of the images started to get written over. :(  I guess something is better than nothing.    

to change it up a bit and prevent life from getting dull, (but really, I can't remember what it's like to lead a dull life anymore), I used an editing action called "Toy Camera".  I always keep the original photo on file so that way, if I decide I don't like these, I can always go back and re-edit.    


this hike covered part of the Arizona Trail System, which runs from Mexico all the way up to Utah-- some 790  miles.  that would be one LONG journey.


these were some ginormous ponderosa pines!  can you spot Gary in between the two?  

that reminds me.  as we were hiking along, I would exclaim every so often about the delicious scent wafting about me.  it smelled absolutely heavenly.  

after the 49th time, Gary asked if I had ever smelled a ponderosa pine.  well no, not up close and personal, I replied.  

I don't usually go around planting my schnoz in a tree trunk, you know.  I'm not THAT crazy.  

well, take a whiff.  I glance around to make sure no one else is about to witness this (because it seems rather silly) before pressing my nose to the bark and inhaling. (I can now cross that off my "things to do before I die" list.)  oooh, it had a scent reminiscent of something vanilla-ish.  divine!   

and now I'm addicted to sniffing ponderosa pines.  well, I was pressured!     


gorgeous scenery.


beautiful flora.


spectacular views. 


strike a pose.  or something.


these were some interesting plants.  it looked like a zillion bugs hovering in the tall grass.


some sort of boulder wash.  cool.

a few weeks back, I asked Gary if he ever read my blog.

he nodded and attempted a smile that came out as though he had really bad gas. I wasn't about to be fooled.

me: so, I take that as a no?

hubby: looking sheepish.  well, I read the first two entries.

me: the first two entries?  pfft.  so you really could care less.  hmph.  

hubby: no, it's not that I don't care.  it's just that it's all ladies' stuff.  like recipes and whatnot.  it doesn't really interest me. 

me: eyes narrowing.  well, I post about hiking trips.  isn't that considered sort of outdoorsy?  or is that still not manly enough for you?

hubby: grunts.  

me: whatever then.  you don't know WHAT you're missing.

end of convo.

up next: auto talk.  

"how to change oil in high heels."



PS. I wonder if there are any guys that read this.  would they even dare come forward?

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