four months.

first of all: just a brief side note about my last post titled "random timbits" because you were probably thinking: timbits?  what?  isn't it supposed to be TIDbits?  

well, just so you know, it wasn't a typo.  I may not be the brightest bulb, but I did mean what I wrote.  as in I purposely wrote that.  as in, well, you mean what I know.  

anyway, here's the story.  

Place: Buffalo, New York.  People: Kim, Clara, Meghan and myself.  Time: late.

we had just finished watching a spectacular show of fireworks over Niagara Falls. in the pouring rain, never mind.  we were soaked, cold and ravenous.  driving back towards our hotel, we spy a Tim Horton's from the freeway.  hot coffee and something sweet?  perfect.  just what the doctor ordered.  as we swail into the parking lot, we notice the chairs stacked on the tables and a few employees milling about inside.  shoot.  they must've just closed.  but wait.  someone points out the drive thru is still open.  hallelujah.  we proceed to the drive thru and begin scanning the menu.  we come across an item called "timbits".

timbits?  what the heck are those?  I don't know.  beats me.  sounds interesting, though.  

(keep in mind it's late, we're all a little over-tired and therefore very, very giggly.)  

hey, would anyone care to nibble on bits of tim?  yuk yuk.  peals of laughter echo inside the car.

or how about tim's bits?  more hee haws. 

(poor Tim Horton!  if he only knew!)            

curious, we inquire about them.  "what are, uh, timbits?"  snicker.     

"timbits are like little donut balls," the guy explains in a rather bored-like voice, like he's said this a million times before.

oh... donut balls.  who-da thunk? ;)

I'm sure we weren't the first to wonder what a timbit was.

in other words, you just never know what crazy things might happen when mothers have a "get out of jail free" card. 


IMG_7939copy  IMG_7934 

IMG_7936  IMG_7937 

 now here's something worth nibbling on.  little Scarlett Jean.

at a third of a year old, she's laughing and rolling over.  

we love her to bits!


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