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ahoy there, mates!


if you still aren't convinced that my nine year old daughter is a complete tomboy, this and this should definitely push those doubts aside.  the only girl at a pirate-themed birthday party?  who had an absolute ball?  point proved.  and Kim is indeed a creative genius when it comes to planning birthday parties and other social occasions. hmmm...do I see a new business in her future? 

as far as the photos go, we were able to recover most of them, although a few more recent ones I had taken, that which included Rowan in a pink tutu and purple bunny slippers (so hilarious, you had to see it), Chloe's birthday trip to Katie Cupcake (so sweet), and a six mile (round trip) hike to Fischer Point (so gorgeous) have yet to surface.  it would be hard to emulate those scenarios again to retake the photos.  it just wouldn't be the same.  Gary is still working on finding those, so keep your fingers crossed.

as much as the kids and I were excited for school to start, it was still a bit of an adjustment (i.e. cranky, tired kids from having to get up earlier; the littles trying to figure out what to do with themselves all day now that their entertainment committee is gone.) I'm sure once we get settled in this routine, things will improve.  at least I hope.

and to top it off, when we called to make reservations for our havasupai falls hike, the weekend we had planned to go was already full.  argh.  we can only hope someone decides to cancel... if not, we will go the last weekend of October instead (we made reservations for 6) and try to rope some other couples into joining us.  I'll keep you posted.

well, Rowan is chewing bits off of a rug pad.  that must be my cue that it's time for lunch, so I better wrap this up.

this past week was a bit rough.  it seemed like around every corner, there was a dead end staring me in the face. (but hey, that's "real" life, isn't it?  I'd be lying if I said my life was all wonder bubbly.) 

for times like this, I am extremely grateful for my support network, and especially my hubby.  

otherwise, like Selma mentioned, I'd still be trying to find the corner in that round room.  hehehe. 

have a great weekend!


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