I'm on a birthday roll.

see, when you have so many kids, life is just one continuous party.  

YIPEE!  it's a jolly good time! 

that is until I have to rack my brain to come up with yet another gift idea.  oh how I despise that part.      

and then I find myself pacing the toy section at Target, searching in vain for that perfect present.  nope, too many pieces.  nah, too baby-ish.  no, too big kid-ish. too messy, too expensive, too chintzy, too noisy, too boring, too this, too that, too...

argh.  I just don't know.   

I've been up and down these aisles 20 stinkin' times, have canvassed the entire store and still, besides a pair of shoes for myself NOTHING!

ACK!  what do I get her?   

"can I help you find something, ma'am?" inquires the guy in the red shirt and khaki pants.

my sanity.  have you seen it?  sizzle.

"actually yeah, I need a gift for a 4 year-old girl.  I'm like fresh out of ideas." (dude, have you not seen me wandering aimlessly up and down each and every toy aisle for the last 45 minutes straight?) 

"well, my daughter turned 4 a few months ago and we bought her the game Zingo!"

Zingo!?  bingo!  why hadn't this brilliant mind of mine thought of a game?  

and she loves it!

we celebrated Phoebe's birthday on sunday at the park.




Lewis and Phoebe gazed at the clouds for a bit.


while Sawyer played a rip-roaring game of croquet.

IMG_8074 copy 

the spring sproing-y dinosaur was a hit.

IMG_8092 copy 

while Sydni doted on Scarlett.


and did you know you can buy cupcake icing in a can?  that comes with the decorating tips and everything?  just squirt and go (and don't forget to wipe.) who cares that it tastes fake.  it's all about the presentation. ;)

IMG_8105 copy 
IMG_8107 copy 

IMG_8102 copy 

happy birthday to my big 4 year-old!

oh no!  I just realized my birthday is next in line...

but then again, I'm pretty easy to buy for.  

because I'm really not that picky.  

well, maybe just a little.  

okay fine, a lot. ;)    



Liisa said...

Happy Birthday to Phoebe!! We have the game Zingo and it is a favorite! I love the fact that the box and pieces are all very sturdy! It is a quick easy game for many ages.

able mabel said...

Happy Birthday Phoebe!
Are you hinting that all your blog readers should get you a gft for your birthday?! ;) Just kidding!!

Aunty Dee said...

LOVE Phoebe's smile! happy birthday Phoebe!! Your cupcakes looked great!

sue said...

Happy Birthday Phoebe! Love your "cupcake presentation" Jessica! We were going thru the same thing with 3 Birthdays in August. One was easy...she just wanted cash but the other two... no cash for them! It ended up being mountain bikes, they have outgrown the smaller ones! It took me forever to think of that one, as I am tired of electronics and the ever sounding beeps that come with them. Not to mention the "blank faces" staring at the screens!

Rita said...

HaHa, love it! I know just what you mean walking the aisles!! LOL And the longer you walk them, either the more you think they don't need anything or the more the expensive things seem to entice! Happy Birthday Phoebe!!