maybe a few of you have wondered at some time or another why this kid's mug rarely makes an appearance on my blog.

it's probably because he can't sit still for even a millisecond. 

here is photographic evidence:

IMG_8510 IMG_8513

this,                                           this,

IMG_8566-copy IMG_8576

this,                                           and this.

as you can see, I haven't banned him from the blog, it's just that I can't ever catch him.

and real quick, a little blast from the past: 

at the time I was expecting him, I knew I was having a boy and that I was going to name him Sawyer. (what I didn't know, was that my parenting skills were about to be tested to the max.)   

and so, after being told I was to head straight to the hospital while at a routine doctor appointment, Sawyer finally clawed his way to freedom.  from the moment he gulped in his first breath he was already shaking his fist at the world, howling about terrible invisible injustices.

yet despite his quirky ways, boundless energy and the inability to talk without hollering, he's got a twinkle in his eye that far exceeds the mischievousness of the likes of Tom Sawyer.  I see it as a determination to succeed in whatever he does.    

yes, life with Sawyer has been everything but dull.  it's been filled with laughter, love, joy, excitement and the odd urge to want to staple his mouth shut at times.

I wouldn't have it any other way.



Brenda said...

I can relate... my second boy is this same way! He can come across as kind of quiet but really he's not! I've always said this kid does not know how to talk, he's always gotta holler! Gotta love em!

Debbie Kesti said...

he even sneaks into random neighbor's house (insert tim & debbie) when they're not home and plays gamecube in peace & quiet! ;-)

Ruth said...

This boy is intense...but I love him!

Leah Colby said...

I love the staple part...it's so nice to know that there are other mothers out there that have flashes of violence against their children at random moments. Thank GOD for the patience He has given us to manage these "flashes" and never to act upon them :-)...

Amber Huhta said...

I love his uneven teeth! :) he is so cute though...Henry is almost excactly like him! :D

Denise said...

Jessica-you are so darn funny I love it. I have a boy around the same age who often talks of Sawyer and they seem to have many similar qualities. Gotta love them.