making snack time fun again.

there's nothing that irks me more than kids begging for snack.  in fact, I would just as soon ban snacks altogether.  I mean, seriously.  do we have to eat again?  aren't three square meals a day enough?

in my opinion, snacks are a nuisance, amounting to nothing but sugar-fueled outbursts.  because let's face it.  who's going to nibble on carrots when there's ice cream?  and let's not forget the mess.  basically, it's like cleaning up another meal.        

but try as I might, I can't get the kids to give snack time up.  the few times I did try, I was met with such opposition that I was convinced the end of the world was at hand.  but we can't go to bed without a snack, they protested.  by the way they pleaded and whined and carried on, you'd have thought we were skipping Christmas or something, it was that bad.  

my soon-to-be eight year-old is particularly addicted.  after informing us how he couldn't possibly eat another bite of dinner because he's so full, in the next breath he's already asking, "what's for snack?"  seethe.  if I hear those three words again, so help me... I'm gonna feed you to the birds.

but then, last saturday, something strange happened.

I specifically went out and bought stuff for the kids to snack on.  what?

yep.  after perusing through a kids' holiday cookbook, I came across these cute marshmallow snowmen, and thought it looked like something they might enjoy making.

well, they certainly did.  and so did I, actually.

hmmm.  I might just get into snack time again.




Briita M said...

aren't snacks an entitlement to life? come on, after a few nibbles of supper, who isn't going to be hungry for something good a few hours later?!

Brenda said...

I love all the great ideas on here! Thanks, we might have to try these out!

Barb Makela said...

I love how Ella's concentrating so hard and has the toothpick hanging out of her mouth! Your kids are so doggone cute!

able mabel said...

You're such a nice mom! Looks like fun!

Kendra Jean Photography said...

These are cute! My 5 year old just walked in and now he wants to make snowmans!