outdoor hockey, Arizona style.

back where I come from, when the temps began to hover around the 10 degree mark (or less) for a period of time, everyone would start to get giddy with excitement.  why? because this marked the beginning of the outdoor skating/hockey season.  the rinks could finally be flooded without having to worry about melting issues.  and what kid, teenager, dad doesn't love to get out on the rink and shoot the puck around?  or even just skate for that matter?  probably not too many.        

so you can imagine how my kids felt when we broke the news that we were moving to Arizona.  if I remember correctly, one of the first things that came shooting out of their mouths was this: "but we won't be able to skate or play outdoor hockey there, WAAA!"  oh please, would you like some cheese with your whine?  

well, hey kids!  whine no longer!  you actually can play outdoor puck in ahem, Arizona, ahem :)

here's the proof in the pudding:

pretty sweet, huh?  yeah, the kids were ecstatic, to say the least.  although it's a pity we didn't discover this pond earlier in the season, instead of just last week.  oh well, next year for sure.

now we just need a few more families here so we can get a decent game going.

who's in? ;)


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Crystal Lee Photography said...

how cool is that?...a frozen pond in AZ!

Briita M said...

looks like we need to move to flag! Although our kids don't know what they're missing out on, I sure do and have to say, I feel sorry for them and this great outdoor activity! Awesome fun for you guys!