brothers and cousins.

can you tell which ones are cousins, and which ones are brothers?  hmmm... kind of hard, huh?  although I guess the ones who aren't brothers would be cousins, er, I think?

these eight boys represent four different families from the Kesti side.  I was almost going to say that they're even in order from oldest to youngest, but Sawyer (far left) is actually older than Lewis, the one doing the fig leaf thing with his hands smack dab next to him.  so... there went that.  gee whiz, who organized this photo anyway? ;-)

to me, this photo just screams SUMMER!  definition: shirtless, barefoot, and living in swim trunks.  well, for the male variety, that is.

bring it on!



Anonymous said...

That is about the cutest thing i have ever seen!!! They all cooperated so well! ~Jess

Anonymous said...

I really like this photo I was looking at this and said wow they look so alike!! --Denise

Anonymous said...

Darling- I'm sure they had a great time together. I can't believe Mr. Rowan didn't make it in the picture. Lynette G.

able mabel said...

and where is Levi?