one year old.

to finish off the month by month series of Scarlett's first year, I figured I better post the grand finale, for my own sake, if nothing else.

I get a kick out of my kids (the younger ones I should say) because until they've actually been sung happy birthday to, and have blown out the candles on their cake, they refuse to believe they are "said age."  I could tell them until I'm blue in the face that yes, TODAY is your birthday, you are now 5 years old, but nope.  not until the actual party has taken place (sometimes a week later depending on what's going on), will they say they're a year older.  too funny.

so, according to all rules and regulations, Scarlett is now officially ONE year old!  happy birthday!

beautiful butterfly cake decorated by Scarlett's aunt Jodie.
a few party guests.  the rest were waging a HUGE water balloon war and simply grabbed a cupcake to eat on the run, hence no pictures.
well, that's all for now.  I haven't touched a computer in like four days, and wow, there's just waaaaay too much to catch up on.  I think I give up.  I'll post more pictures from the weekend soon... uh, hopefully.

my kids have the day off from school today, and well, you know how that is.  the schools allott a certain amount of days per year for making up "snow days", but since the kids didn't miss ANY days this year due to snow, they're getting these random days off here and there.  oh JOY!  not sure why they just don't let them out of school earlier instead of going to practically the middle of June.  but anyway, here I am rambling on and on and I'm sure you peeps could care less.  ha ha ha.      

happy Monday!



Ramona Johnson said...

Happy Birthday to Scarlett! Hard to believe how fast the years go. What a cutie!

Brenda said...

Love the bright summery looks and the cake is darling too! Happy Birthday Scarlett! My kids are the same way when it comes to birthdays for some reason the song and candles make the change :)

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Scarlett!!! :)