to stave off boredom.

I just realized that I never thanked you guys for all the congratulations and well wishes you bestowed upon me after I announced that we had another baby on the way.  how entirely forgetful of me! (read: early onset old timer's disease.)  so anyway, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!  I was touched by your kind words.

I also just realized that ever since that post, I've barely heard from you guys.  it's like you all just vanished off the face of the earth or something.  well hello?  where did you go?  on vacation?  was I THAT boring?  was it my Minnesota accent?  oh please come back!  I'm starting to get a complex.  besides, I really don't like talking to myself.  oh be quiet already, Jessica.  no, you be quiet.  no, you.  ?

well, enough about me.  how are you?  okay, back to me.

so I was staring out the living room window Monday evening, lost in my own thoughts, when suddenly something appeared in my line of vision.  it was Sawyer, and he was frantically waving a piece of paper.  "mom, mom, " he begins excitedly.  "on this paper are some important dates."  "what?  you have a date?" I teased as I grabbed the paper from him.  I began reading through it: field trip on this date, award assembly on that date, no school on these dates, early release on this date, end of year party on that date, and so on.  apparently they were done teaching for the year, I thought.    

as my gaze shifted back to the top of the paper, my eyes came to rest on these words, printed in bold letters: BBQ- May 24th.  hey, that's tomorrow!  I looked over at Gary.  "should we go?" I asked.  "it'll give me something to do besides giggle into balled up fists."  "sure," he says.  "I'll just head over there on my lunch break."
turns out that the school's idea of a "BBQ" was to simply boil the hotdogs in water.  and I'm not sure if the hamburgers consisted of real meat or not, judging by their pale coloring.  but alas, I'm still alive, lucky for you guys.  no?

fake hamburgers or not, the kids were more than thrilled that we came.  and that's what counts, right?

Rowan decided that the styrofoam tray tasted better than the pile of cow clunk, I mean cherry cobbler.  my bad.

after we ate, Myra gave us a little tour, showing us her classroom and proudly pointing out her horse drawing, pictured above.

then we headed out to the playground for a spell.  talk about being overcome by a wave of nostalgia, as memories of recess came flooding back.  after all, it had been my favorite subject.  following lunch, of course.

Phoebe loved it.  in fact as we were leaving, she tried to talk us into letting her stay.  "but can't I just go to Ella's class?  I promise I'll listen to the teacher."  what a girl.  I actually just called about getting her tested to see if she would qualify to start kindergarten this fall-- with an early September b-day, she misses the cut-off by three days.  the screening for early entrance takes place in July, so we'll see.  personally, I think she's more than ready.  have any of you sent a child early?  if so, what are your thoughts on that?

I always feel old after visiting the elementary school, not sure why.  maybe it's because I can still vividly remember those days, right down to the teacher who used to spit while he talked.  does anybody else feel that way?  and are you wearing adult diapers like I am?



Corinne said...

LOL at the food pict.! i can say that does not look good in the least bit... next time bring in Arby's!! that's what we do... at least once a year i try bring in lunch for my girls. they love it! and yes, its a shock going back into my kids school, especially the kindergarten rooms, the chairs are SO little!!

Becca said...

I love Myra's painting. It's really good - so bright and colorful. Maybe I like it so much because of the orange !!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Corinne. I love going to have lunch with my kids but I bring my own food. Instead of doing takeout though, I usually make myself a yummy salad or sandwich. One of my older girls was just telling me I need to get to the little kids school more often and take pictures like I used to do for them so I guess it's something they really remember. Joleen

Kelly said...

Opinion on sending kids early...I think they are better off being on the old end of their class and finding school easier than being on the young end and possibly finding things harder down the road. I had two August boys who were definitely ready for school but when it came to driving and getting jobs they were always bummed that their friends had licenses and could work, etc almost a year before they could. I love having Lewis at the old end of his grade...sure makes homework time easier! :)

Briita said...

You go to school for these delicious eating occasions and the kiddos rant and rave about how delicious it all is...when sometimes at home they won't touch your made from scratch food. hmmmm, why bother with all the work? I think it's the excitement of sharing their second home w/mom:)

Ruth said...

Good thing we're not there if Phoebe goes early...Whitney would be so jealous!! I've had a few Fall birthdays and chose to do preschool. So she's signed up for two days a week :)

Sue Hill said...

I have to agree with the others about sending kids to school when they're older. In MI the cutoff date is 12/1 and my fall bday kids have gone to kdg when turning 6. We have a pre-k here called young 5's designed for kids with fall birthdays. My 2 oldest went to that and this fall Laurel is going to young 5's even though she tested ready for kindergarten. Her birthday is Oct 26th. I'm thankful we have this class; it's at the school and is on the same schedule/bus as the kindgergarten. My 2 boys were really reserved when they started school. I think they benefited from that class socially more than academically. (just thought I'd add my 2cents) That cherry "dessert" looks inedible. My kids have their picnics next Friday. I'm planning to go, although not for the food :)

Anonymous said...

My Alice has a Sept. birthday and I feel she is already bored at home and more than ready for some school in her life. I never thought of getting her tested to see if she could already go to kindergarted early. Around here I know they strongly discourage that and even encourage holding back kids with summer birthdays. Preschool will probably be the solution around here. LynetteG