oh gee.

I hope I didn't give too many of you a heart attack after posting that picture of me up on the ladder yesterday.  it was not my intention to cause you to wind up in the hospital, by any means.  and well, I sincerely apologize if I did.  gulp.  

um, could you please give me your room number so I can send you flowers?

well, to be honest, it actually looks a lot scarier than it really was.  after setting it up, Gary assured me that it was as stable as a rock, and he even climbed up first to give it a test run. (this was after he called to up his life insurance policy, of course.) "that ladder's not going anywhere," he told me, his voice brimming with confidence.  and well, obviously it didn't, because I'm here to tell the story.  

I know, I probably shouldn't have gone up there, but...

well, I promise not to climb up any more ladders.  or at least there will be no more photographic evidence of me climbing up any more ladders.  or... what?

SO, heh.  how are you all doing today?

uh, before I get myself into some really hot water, how about I touch on a topic that's a "hair" on the safer side, like HAIRcuts?  get it?  hahahaa!  see, no ladders involved here!

anyway, I got mine cut, er chopped, last week and I absolutely LOVE it!  I was getting rather bored of the "a-line" style, you know, where the back is cut shorter and the sides angle down in the front.  it's a very flattering cut, and looks great on all kinds of face shapes.  but, after having some sort of version of it for what seemed like years, I decided I was over it.

just like I'm over climbing up ladders.

here's the new look:

I feel liberated, FREE from hair woes!  a refreshing change, and easy, too!

(okay, I'll shut up now. but feel free to tell me if you like it or not, ahem.)



Sue Hill said...

Your haircut is adorable! I don't have photographic evidence but once upon a time at 7mo pregnant I had to climb up a really high ladder to get a then 4yr old boy off the roof. I almost gave myself a heart-attack doing that!

Selma said...

Room 413 and roses would be nice. Kidding. And your haircut is very cute...wish I could do something like that but I've got a fat round face and a short hairdo would make me look like a balloon with legs

Anonymous said...

like it?...not, i LOVE it! i wish i was brave enought to [chop] my hair!

Anonymous said...

i love it! You are so cute! I dont know if i will ever be brave enough to get a chop! My hair has been within 2 inches of the same length since confo! :s!