kids' room re-do sneak peek.

if you remember, a couple months ago (has it already been that long?) I wrote a post about re-organizing the kids' rooms in order to make room for Alfie.  ha, when I finally have this baby and name him ________, you guys are gonna be all, "what?  and she didn't even name him Alfred!  hmph."

ever since then I've been slowly but surely working on decorating the little girls' room, and I have to say that as well as being a creative outlet/stress reliever for me, it has also been a lot of fun.  obviously, our budget only allows me to pick up a few things at a time, so that's why it's taken a while.  but like they say, good things come to those who wait, right?

I turned one corner of the room into a little reading nook-- a place to go for some quiet time, or to simply relax and hang out.  the girls love it!

for now, this is all you get.  I know, such a tease, right?  I promise I'll post more pics of the rest of the room soon.  so, as always, stay tuned!

well, I'm off to Phoenix this afternoon for a special event taking place in honor of little ole me, imagine that! :-) whew, after this hectic week, I am so looking forward to hanging out with friends and family, and hey!  I might just sneak in a little shopping too, sweet.

have a great weekend!


PS. if we owned this home, the walls would NOT be tan.  have I mentioned that before? ;-)

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Andrea said...

Very cute! Enjoy your baby shower. Hopefully us Flagstaff ladies can get together sometime soon for a little celebration since we won't make it to Phx:)