spitting tacks.

so far, this week has been a frustrating one.  on top of dealing with appointments every day, I've been:

a.) lectured by the elementary school nurse for not having Phoebe's kindergarten shots done before she started school.  "IT'S THE LAW, YOU KNOW!" she tells me.  but, I'm pregnant!  meaning I have the right to break the law.

b.) scolded by the school secretary because apparently I, "failed to follow the appropriate procedure for picking up kids during school hours."  keep in mind this is a new school, so I'm not at all familiar with their policies yet, give me a break!  besides, I'm pregnant.  meaning I do things MY way.

c.) chewed out by the bus driver for not being at the bus stop to meet my kindergartener, never mind the fact that said kindergartener has two older siblings getting off with her, who are plenty capable of making sure she doesn't wander off in the one minute it takes to walk from the bus stop to our house DID YOU GET THAT?  plus, I'm big and pregnant.  meaning I don't really feel like waddling down to the bus stop right now, okay?

deep breath in, slowly exhale out.

so anyway, why everyone is suddenly "out to get me," I'm not sure.  or maybe I'm just being overly sensitive?  after all, I am about to *pop* which makes even the most minor situation seem like the end of the world.  doesn't it?

I mean, surely it has nothing to do with that "end of pregnancy" attitude, right?

I knew you would agree.

a sneak peek from Chloe's mini photo shoot:




Anonymous said...

LOVE the picture! (:and you are cracking me up!:)

Dave and Brianna said...

Ha! Of course you can do anything you want near the end. It's like an automatic reaction you can't help yourself. No control over things you say sometimes. Haha. Cute photo!

Jeneric said...

Did you tell them you're pregnant? Maybe they don't know ;)