earlier this week, or was it last week?  who knows, the days all seem to run together lately.  I mean, for all I know it could be Christmas next week, that's how out of the loop I am.  well, whenever it was, I do know that I was involved in something really exciting, like laundry or loading the dishwasher, probably.

I remember Scarlett was eating lunch at the time, and Rowan was... wait a minute!  where was he?  his sandwich was still on the counter, only he was no where to be seen! he must have fled the kitchen while I was in the laundry room switching loads, that sly little guy!  it was obvious he had some sort of mission in mind to just up and disappear in the middle of eating like that.

my eyes narrowed.  I smelled a disaster brewing somewhere.

"Rowan!  Rowan, where are yoooou?" I called.  no answer.

a quick search of the main floor revealed nothing.  "Rowan!" I called again.  still, no answer.  crud, I thought, because his silence could only mean one thing: he was definitely up to no good.  I darted for the stairs, taking them two at a time.

when I reached the top, I was panting like a dog.  apparently, weeks without exercising had taken its toll, and I silently cursed myself for being so lazy the last month of my pregnancy.  you dimwit!  why did you let yourself get so out of shape?  unfortunately, this wasn't the time to start knocking my bad habits, especially when there was a terrorist on the loose.  stay focused, Jessica!

AHA!  that's when I noticed the door to the boys' room was closed, a sure sign that something catastrophic was going on in there.  I reached for the knob and swung the door open.  "Rowan, you better not be tearing this house apart or so help me I'll..." but, there was no one in sight.  even the closet was empty.  

fearing he had gotten ahold of the markers in the little girls' room, I high-tailed it across the hall.  the door to the room was partially open.  I cautiously peered inside, certain I was about to discover a large mural scribbled on the wall.  but no.  instead, I came across this scene and just about fell over:

"Rowan?  Rowan is... is that you?"  for a second I just stood there, too stunned to move.  I mean, The Kid Who Wouldn't Play With A Toy If His Life Depended On It was actually reading books?  you've got to be kidding me!  for once in his life he was doing something constructive!  wonder of all wonders, joy of all joys, miracles really do happen!

do I dare hope that Rowan might finally be growing up a little?


PS. have a great weekend!  Gary took the day off today so we could do something for my birthday, although technically it's not until tomorrow, I think?  I'll have to go on facebook to double check, there's probably a reminder.  something like, "it's your birthday today.  go write on your wall so it looks like you at least have one friend."


Anonymous said...

Precious!! ~jess

Becca said...

Have a happy birthday tomorrow!

Briita said...

it's funny how we can chuckle when we're not going thru it (those sleep deprived nights!) happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

What a fun surprise- adorable!!! Hope you have a super restful day tomarrow. Happy Birthday!- LynetteG