a cute and funny picture.

due to the fact that there were no comments on yesterday's post, I'll take that as a sign that you guys were too shocked to say anything, like "hang in there!" or, "thinking about you!" or even, "(((hugs)))!"

well, don't feel bad.  I completely understand.  if anything, perhaps it made you feel more content with your life?  I mean, I'd definitely be if I were you.  but I'm not you and you're not me and so YOU BETTER THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS.  you know, the whole "I'm glad it's her and not me" thing.

if you ever need a travel agent for a guilt trip, look me up.  I promise, you won't be disappointed.


so anyway, how about a picture?

(taken with my phone so please excuse the horrible quality.)

can you tell which "kid" doesn't belong?

(hint: the bunny ears.  our kids would NEVER do such a thing, are you kidding? :-)



Anonymous said...

Lol!! Guilt trip indeed!!

Dave and Brianna said...

haha! I cant even see. Off to see if i missed yesterdays or really just skipped the comment ;)

Anonymous said...

what a cute picture!! i Love it! We miss ken and edna over here! ~jess

Briita said...

the one in the way back doesn't have as big of a cheezer as the front ones so maybe him?...

Anonymous said...

that is great!