famous last words.

"I will announce the winner tomorrow..."

um, right.  obviously "tomorrow" never came.  or maybe it did come, but then it went.  huh?

actually, I had every intention to announce the winner last Friday, but that was before I remembered that the kids had the day off from school in honor of Veteran's Day.  so you know, CHAOS.  and then later that afternoon, we packed our bags and headed to Prescott where we spent the weekend with Gary's folks, so yeah.  all that so-called "good intention" just sort of flew out the window.  and well, here it is Monday already LIKE HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?  crazy, I tell you.    

anyway, I'm here.  and I'm happy to announce that (four days later) "tomorrow" has finally arrived.

and that the winner of the Silly Me Design etsy giveaway is *drum roll* simonsonkc!
"And yes over here we have have the photo to use for Christmas cards...I hope they get out the door! Not sure what my style is, open to options! Very cute cards!"
November 3, 2011 7:31 PM
congratulations, Christy!  please email me at jessica.kesti@gmail.com so I can hook you up with Kim and you can get rolling on those holiday cards!  can't wait to see how they turn out!  I mean, you are sending us one, right? ;-)

a couple pictures from the weekend:

happy Monday!


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Rick,Elizabeth and family said...

Nice! Congratulations Christy!