thankful for my family.

drawing by Sawyer, age 9
just a quick reminder that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to enter to win a custom designed holiday card from Silly Me Design.  if you'd like to get in on this awesome giveaway, you can do so HERE.  I will announce the winner tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that.

and speaking of holiday cards, I'm thinking that if we don't hurry up and have a family picture taken, I may have to resort to using the above drawing for our cards instead. although I guess it would serve the purpose.  besides, I'm not in my pajamas and look! even my hair is combed!

it must have been a good day. 



Aunty Dee said...

Great drawing Sawyer! Actually it would make a great Christmas card. I remember drawing a picture like this when I was in third grade but I put ages above everyone's head. Mom and Dad (Dad especially) really laughed at the ages--who knows, I probably added 20-25 years to them! :)

jen said...

Is Jake taller than Hannah now? Poor Finley, looks lonely way at the end of the line.

pakosta said...

how adorable!
and he's 9 already!?
man, time goes fast!
precious kids you have!

Dan and Rita said...

I love that Gary has started with the long shirt/ leggings style also! I love seeing kids pictures!