Rowan the Rabbit.

I finally broke down last week and cleaned out my bedroom closet.  I had been putting it off for quite some time, hoping that maybe the mess would go away on its own if I ignored it, but SURPRISE!  it didn't.  instead, the junk kept piling up, and piling up, until finally last Monday, as I went to grab a pair of jeans off the shelf and was nearly buried alive underneath a heap of STUFF, I figured I better do something about it, and fast.  especially if I wanted to avoid having the headlines read: "mom of ten killed by an avalanche... IN HER OWN CLOSET."  gulp.

armed with a huge black trash bag in one hand and a scrub bucket in the other (because I was going to wipe down the shelves even!), I made my way upstairs to start in on the disaster.  as I passed by the boys' bedroom, I got a sudden whiff of an all-too familiar odor: pee-oh-oh-pee, spells POOP.  deciding to investigate, I walked into the room and began poking my nose around.  AHA!  on the floor near the closet lay what looked to be a pile of three, no four, smallish brown turds.  a more thorough search turned up yet another (turd) on Jake's bed.  well I'll be.  had I not known any better, I might have feared there was a rabbit on the loose.  but I had seen this type of handiwork before, and pretty much knew who the responsible party was.  I just had to find him.                

as I continued down the hallway towards my room, I spied a couple more turds along the baseboard.  ha, I thought.  little did Rowan the Rabbit know how easy he was making it for me.  all I had to do was follow the trail of turds until...

BUSTED!  I found him in my room fishing a clean pair of grunders out of his drawer.  he stopped and pointed at the dirty pair on the floor.  "I pooped," he tells me, looking a little sheepish.  and then I dumped the entire bucket of water over his head.  (actually I didn't, but I felt like it.  grrr.)  

so once again, he's back in diapers.  I don't have the patience to deal with turds all over my house right now.  because next thing you know Scarlett will come running up to me, those turds clutched tightly in her hand exclaiming, "look mom, CAN-NY!" (candy)

POOOOOP!  it. really. stinks.

Rowan's latest addiction: playing games on my phone.
right, Rowan?  yoo-hoo, Row-aaan?

apparently, he's too busy playing angry birds to answer.



Anonymous said...

oh the joys of potty training!

Selma said...

So, so funny when it's not me following the turd trail! I'll probably never get to do that...unless of course in my old age my Depends spring a leak...

andrea said...

ugh. don't remind me, my turn is coming when i can convince my 3 year old to even try! so far no luck, but im not exactly in a huge hurry to be following the rabbit turd trail like you are! better luck next time around... :) btw, i like the music you added to the blog. nice touch.

Anonymous said...

once again i got a chuckle from your blog.. knowing its you and not me :) at least in this instance!