kid speak.

okay, so maybe he's not free.  but I'm willing to give you a deal ;)
a conversation I had with Rowan last week:

Rowan: mom, I want a posstiple.

me (quizzically): you want a what?  Apostle Paul?  (has my four year-old been secretly reading the bible?  because it sure sounded like he just said he wanted Apostle Paul.)

Rowan: NO!  (o-kay, so he's not reading the bible.)  I said, a-POSS-ti-ple, not a posstiple.  (like, DUH.)

me (shrugging shoulders): I'm sorry, but I have absolutely no idea what you're trying to say.

heaving a huge sigh, he turns and runs into the kitchen.  once there, he yanks open the freezer and pulls out a Popsicle from inside.

Rowan (waving the Popsicle above his head): this kind, see?

me: oh, you want a Popsicle.  not, Apostle Paul.

Rowan: yes, a posstiple.

kid speak.  I stink at it.



Martha said...

Lol! I must be great at Kid Talk...because I knew instantly what he meant!:)

Becca said...

That picture would have been REALLY hilarious if you could have gotten him to sit inside the box with his hands against the plastic window !! What a kid !

pakosta said...

that's so darn cute!
I am actually SUPER good at kid language! I think it's because I was a nanny for 10 years and I have dealt with LOTS of speech problems with different kiddos! not only did I nanny for different families, but also became the neighborhood babysitter on nights/weekends/get aways!