simply believing.

Simply Believing

When you were young, you just believed
In such a simple way.
Your sins were all forgiven you
That's all there was to say.

When troubles came to burden you
And sin had made you sad
Then, in your childhood innocence 
you ran to Mom and Dad.

They preached to you the Gospel sweet
you freely sought that Grace.
The cleansing blood of Jesus Christ
Put smiles back on your face.

You've gone through Confirmation now
And promises you made
To follow in the pathway of Faith
That Christ, himself, has laid.

Temptations will seem greater now
and Satan will be near
Less often will your Mom and Dad
Be there to see and hear.

This thought could be a worry to you
"Will I have the strength to come
to Mom or Dad and tell them of 
the things I've done?"

Remember, You dear child of God
He promises to care.
He'll give you strength to keep the Faith
Your Lord is always there.

Don't let your sins pile up on you
It makes believing tough.
Try keep your conscience free of sin
There's always Grace enough.

You have your friends to help you along
Not just your Dad and Mother.
God's flock is on Salvation's path
We're here to help each other.

That little child of years gone by
God's Blessings did receive
It's still the same, it hasn't changed
You simply can believe.

You still can be that happy child
When sins are washed away
In faith, walk with believing friends
Enjoying every day. 

-Edna Kesti

my mother-in-law sent a card to Hannah with this poem written inside.  it touched me rather deeply, and so I thought I'd share it with you.  (she wrote this poem several years ago and has included it in each grandchild's card as they confirm.)   


PS. I have more pictures from Hannah's confirmation to post, hopefully I will get to them before Jake confirms next year ;)


AMullins said...

You have a very Blessed family Jess - Congrats to Hannah!! God Bless your mother-in-law for loving her granddaughter so. Love to the family. <3.

Kate said...

A good reminder for all of us. Congratulations to your girl on such a wonderful event!!

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Sue said...

Beautiful poem!