Confirmation Day.

I had a lot of ideas floating around in my head of moments I wanted to capture on Hannah's Confirmation Day, but only a handful of those ideas actually came to fruition.  I mean, picture yourself trying to simultaneously take pictures (I'm talking with a fancy camera, not a point and shoot here, people), enjoy the event you're attending, and keep tabs on your toddlers to make sure they're not emptying the five-gallon water jugs in the back of the church (which they did anyway).  unless you're an extreme (and I mean extreme extreme) multi-tasker, it's nearly impossible to focus on all those things at once.  for example, if I divert my attention away from Rowan to snap a photo, he might take that as an opportunity to set off the fire alarm.  he's done it before.  or worse, race up to the pulpit while the sermon is going on.  and boy, I've watched enough parents play Ring Around the Pulpit with their children to know that that is one game I'd rather not partake in, no matter how cute and adorable the kid is.  needless to say, I didn't get a whole lot of camera time in.        

and then, to top it all off, I altogether missed the outdoor group photo session.  cue the WAH WAAAH.  so instead, I had to take an indoor one which didn't turn out the greatest due to bad lighting, etc, etc I really need a better camera.  so yeah, to say I was bummed would be an understatement.  oh well.  I guess it's pretty rare, like never, that things actually go how you want them to, right?  somehow reality always manages to weasel its way in.  all things aside, it was a beautiful camp.  it made my heart sing to see Hannah so content and happy.  and yes, many tears of joy were shed.    


as part of the program during family evening, a few of the students were asked to share their camp reflections.  Hannah was one of them.  this is what she had to say.

"on my way to camp I was nervous, mostly because I didn't really know any of the kids that were attending the camp that well.  once I arrived at camp, I unpacked my suitcase and got settled in the cabin I was sleeping in.  that evening, we introduced ourselves and played games.

the next day came around and we had an awesome breakfast made by great cooks.  after breakfast, we sat down to hear God's word.  throughout the camp we had many lessons, slideshows, candlelight discussions, and getting together with our 'bigs' to talk about faith.  we had free time, and during it, we played a lot of volleyball, spike, and bump.  we laughed with each other, mostly Johan cracking jokes and Angela making flamingo noises.

 every evening before bed, we listened to devotion and then it was off to take showers and saunas.  and every evening, there were girls screaming about daddy long-legs and green beetles, followed by lots of giggling in our cabin.

now camp has come to an end.  I was able to meet new friends and we got to know each other better.  it was an exciting time and an amazing experience being able to come to camp.  our questions were answered and our faith was strengthened.

I wish we didn't have to leave."   

fun to catch up with old friends!

that's all she wrote.

well, we are currently winding down our summer break and ramping up for school around here.  the BASIS kids start this Thursday already, and the elementary kids on Monday.  I can't wait!  I mean, shucks, summer has flown by too quickly!  as one last HURRAH! my older girls are having a sleepover tonight.  read: seven giggling girls, ten pounds of candy, and one mom who will most likely be tired in the morning.

it's worth it.



Ruth said...

Fun pictures! And God's Blessings to Hannah!!

Beth B. said...

Your pictures told the story, confirmation is such a special time!