tales from the crib.

as you can see, a lot of stuff happens in this crib.  everything from sleeping, to crying, to being goofy.  from waving "hello", to discussing politics (probably), to scheming up ways to destroy this house and everything in it.

take that trophy buck, for example.  or rather what used to be a trophy buck I should say, before Finley got a hold of it and ripped off the antlers, mutilating them in the process.  like mom, did you not hear me?  I said I wanted a doe hanging above my crib, not a buck.  design change!

you know, I appreciate his willingness to change things up every now and then, but still.  he could've at least consulted me first.

like when cows fly, right?

kids.  until they actually purchase an item with their own money, they have absolutely no respect or appreciation for it.  seriously, I can't wait until they get their own place so I can go visit them and jump on their beds.  wheeeee, so fun!  has anyone actually followed through with that threat?  or maybe once my kids have their own kids, that will be revenge enough.  I mean, I'm pretty sure my in-laws are secretly laughing at us right now after all the torture Gary put them through as a kid.  or what?  as for me, I was an angel.  but you all knew that. 


PS. my kitchen countertops were installed yesterday, and except for a half inch gap that was left between the countertop and one of the walls which Gary will have to build up with sheetrock mud in order to re-tile the backsplash so it will overlap the counter and cover that gap, everything went off without a hitch.       


Dave and Brianna said...

gah! Seriously. I've come to the conclusion that kids don't think. But Sometimes, neither do I still..hmm.

Nate and Shelby said...

Better be careful about jumping on those beds someday....My uncle once walked into our house and said when his boys had their own places, he was going to go over there and bounce the balls until they hit the ceiling, shoot out all the windows with a BB gun, go in the garage and take the tools and through them all over the floor. My mom replied, "Yes, and after all that they'll say....It's time for Dad to go in the nursing home!"

Kate said...

So much magic here! The crib shots are always some of my favorite Instagram photos of yours :)

able mabel said...

I noticed the picture hanging beside the trophy buck is missing....what happened to that?

H-Mama said...

hey there, my instagram friend. i've just soaked up the past year and a half of your bloggy. edible, i tell you. e.di.ble. your family is completely adorable. ;)