popping in.

no way has it been a week since the last time I posted.  stop lying to me, blog.

speaking of days since, it was also a week ago that my computer charger bit the dust.  see, there's my excuse for neglecting this poor site: a dead computer.  well, in all actuality, dealing with sick kids for days on end left me little to no time for blogging anyway, regardless if I would have had a working computer or not.  plus, we had overnight company last Thursday and then took off down to Phoenix on Friday morning for the weekend.  so, all around it was a busy, but super fun (except for the sick part) time.    

anyway, I figured by now you guys probably want to know if I'm still okay, which I am.  so just for you, I fought the wee ones for a time slot on the dinosaur desktop to peck out this quick note.  not even a minute into it, they're already whining for me to get off so they can  get back to rotting their brains, so I better make this quick. 

if all goes well, hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back in business.  I better be, because gosh, I have photos-a-day to update, pictures from winter services to download, Scarlett's ten month photos to post, a hair update, among other things.  note to self: get off your hind end, flee to Best Buy, and purchase a computer charger.  TODAY.

that's all for now.  there's a HUGE mountain of laundry calling my name, loud and clear. 



Dave and Brianna said...

When laundry does that to me, I plug my ears. And shield my eyes.

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Give it a go said...

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