10 on 10: the March edition.

mommy's little helper.
something was funny.
this looks like a good place to color.
baby nerd.
spent the afternoon toodling around town with birthday boy.
the only quiet spot she could find to play the iPad. (under the bed)
four square in the hood.
make a wish.

so, Grandma and Grandpa Kesti drove up from Prescott last Thursday to visit and, because they love my cooking so much, they stayed for dinner.  as everyone lined up to dig in, buffet style, it just so happened that Hannah and Grandpa ended up in line next to each other.  from across the counter, Phoebe points at the two of them and, through her laughter, exclaims, "ha, look!  you guys are almost the same age!"  whoops.  I think she meant to say height.

hoo boy, did we ever get a chuckle out of that one.



able mabel said...

Love these! Phoebe is great and so is your nerdy baby!

pakosta said...

glad you are still blogging while you are busy! love ALL of these photos! I really LOVE seeing your older kiddos in the photos! tell them to be in MORE! they are all just so beautifuL!