the good ole summertime.

it's hard to believe that in just over three weeks, school begins again.  that means only one thing; it's time to start perfecting my 'back to school' cheer.  RA RA REE, kick 'em in the knee!

or something like that.

actually, compared to last summer (aka, the summer that would never end), this summer has literally flown by.  strangely enough, I wondered why that was.  after giving it some thought, I finally attributed it to the fact that last year, not only was I strapped to the couch feeding a squalling newborn every hour on the hour, I also had to figure out how to sideline a runaway, roof-climbing, hair-snipping, cupboard-digging, terroristic toddler, while strapped to said couch.  that definitely made for a few interesting (and mighty long) days.

thankfully, with Alfie still trapped in the womb and Rowan content to stay in the yard (instead of breaking into neighbor's houses in search of strawberries to snitch), this summer has been a lot more manageable.  the only downside: I've had very few war stories to relate, a real bummer for you guys.

which reminds me.  I have yet to complain about this pregnancy, can you believe it?  well, just you wait, things are about to change.  hehe.  that should surely spark up this (yawn) rather boring blog. 

or what? ;-)

let's see, what else?  Mister Grumpus turned three last Saturday, although he forgot to turn in his terrible-two card, sigh.  yeah, that day he cut a hole in one of my throw pillows, smeared chapstick all over my bathroom counter and mirror, and colored all over the little girls' bedroom window with crayon OH BUT HE'S JUST SO CUTE!

instead of stringing him up, I made him cupcakes and gave him a birthday present, aren't I nice? (pics coming soon.) 

well, today is The Day.  I'm off to Phoenix this morning to retrieve Hannah and Jake from the airport.  (actually, their plane doesn't arrive until after 7 tonight but, you know, IKEA!)  I'm anxious to see them and hear all about their trip, although I really won't have much of a chance to visit Hannah.  we'll make it as far north as Carefree Highway before I drop her and Chloe off at a friend's house where they'll stay for FIVE days (at least it's not another five weeks, right?) they also get to go to Wet 'N Wild waterpark, lucky ducks. (their friends are moving out of state in a couple weeks, hence the continued vacation.)

as I was saying, the summer just never ends.


PS. to those of you who hosted Hannah and Jake during their stay in Minnesota, I would like to extend a great big 'Thank You.'  I realize it's not always easy to have extras hanging around, but from the sounds of it, they had an absolute blast.  your kindness and generosity are truly appreciated!  I hope we can return the favor some day!


Anonymous said...

On the originating end of the airplane trip for the eldest two of the 'Room for Nine' crowd, we are packed and having our end of the road visits, Jake with Jordan and Hannah just took a stroll to Jennah's.

What I want to know is how do you train them? Jake quietly told Grandma, here, "It would really be nice to go home with all clean clothes!" So, being a good Grandma for my departing Grandkids, I began washing. The above mentioned grandson had informed me upon arrival that 'my Mom likes all their clothes line dried so they won't wear out'. They are all washed, line dried and packed, Mom. We will be heading for the airport in a couple of hours.

We truly enjoyed them. They are well behaved and a joy to have around..... Bon Voyage, kids. See you in a couple of months in Flag.

Briita said...

cute above post! my this summer was your last, strapped to the couch. hence, somewhat long days!